Almine Emery Board Double Sided

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Almine Emery Board: Double-sided with grits 100/180 and 120/240 for versatile, firm, and effective nail shaping and smoothing.

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Almine Emery Board Double Sided

The Almine Emery Board Double Sided is a versatile and essential nail care tool, perfect for achieving professional-grade manicure and pedicure results. Meticulously designed, this emery board caters to various nail shaping and smoothing needs.

Featuring two distinct sides with different grit levels, the emery board tailors to both coarse and fine nail shaping. One side, equipped with a 100/180 grit level, is ideal for shaping nails and removing rough edges. This coarser side allows quick and efficient shaping, perfect for initial nail preparation.

The other side of the emery board boasts a finer 120/240 Garnet Grit, designed for detailed and precise smoothing. Excellent for finishing touches, it ensures your nails have a smooth, flawless surface. It’s particularly useful for gently buffing the nail surface to prepare for nail polish application or achieving a natural shine.

The emery boards are firm and sturdy, preventing bending or breaking during use. This durability makes them a reliable tool for both home and professional use.

The supreme shaping capabilities of the Almine Emery Board Double Sided make it an indispensable tool for anyone valuing well-maintained and beautifully shaped nails. Whether a professional nail technician or a home nail care enthusiast, this emery board is an excellent addition to your nail care kit.


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