ANDIS EasyStyle Adjustable Blade Clipper

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You’ve got passion, now all you need are the right tools. Bring your creative drive to life with the 13-piece EasyStyle Clipper kit — a professional-grade product at an exceptional price.

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ANDIS EasyStyle Adjustable Blade Clipper

Introducing the ANDIS EasyStyle Adjustable Blade Clipper: where style meets unparalleled performance. At the heart of this grooming tool is its sharp, adjustable steel blade, crafted to effortlessly glide through diverse hair textures. Offering unmatched precision, it ensures a smooth, salon-quality cut every time.

Furthermore, versatility is the essence of EasyStyle. With its suite of snap-on attachment combs, you can customize the cutting length to perfection, granting you the creative freedom to bring your unique hair visions to life. Meanwhile, its contoured, ergonomic design assures not only maximum comfort but also enhanced safety. This feature is especially beneficial when styling both kids and adults, ensuring a steady grip and reduced slip risk.

In addition to the superior clipper itself, this 13-piece kit boasts a range of accessories tailored for optimal maintenance and styling. From the premium barber comb for ideal hair prep to the essential blade oil ensuring longevity; it truly equips you with everything to kindle your home styling passion.

Weight31 oz
Dimensions10 × 6 × 3 in


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