ANDIS Fade Master® Replacement Blade

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ANDIS Fade Master® Blade: Master precision fades. Adjustable from 00000 to 000, shaving to a fine 1/150″. Crafted for the iconic Andis Master Clipper.

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ANDIS Fade Master® Replacement Blade

The essence of every iconic fade lies in the precision of its cut. Introducing the ANDIS Fade Master® Replacement Blade, the paragon of exactitude every stylist aspires to harness. Let’s embark on a journey of impeccable grooming, where every fade is a testament to your artistry.

Constructed with unparalleled precision, this blade becomes an essential companion to the legendary Andis Master Clipper, a tool cherished by professionals around the world. At the core of its design lies a meticulously engineered fade blade, with the capability to adjust from size 00000 to 000. This versatility offers masters like you the canvas to craft exquisite gradients with absolute authority.

But precision doesn’t end there. When set to size 00000, envision a blade that shaves hair to an almost imperceptible 1/150″ (0.1 mm), allowing for an ultra-smooth finish that’s nothing short of flawless. Every strand of hair meets its perfect length, every fade tells a unique story.

For those in pursuit of the ultimate grooming experience, where precision meets passion, the ANDIS Fade Master® Replacement Blade stands ready. Reclaim the throne of impeccable fades.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 3.75 × .25 in


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