ANDIS Master® #22 Replacement Blade

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Even the shiniest gems fade with time. Keep the sparkle on the crown jewel of your collection with the Master Blade, 22-Tooth, the ultimate precision blade for the king of all clippers.

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ANDIS Master® #22 Replacement Blade

In the world of styling, even the master requires an upgrade. Introducing the ANDIS Master® #22 Replacement Blade: a fusion of art and engineering, tailored to reinvigorate your grooming masterpiece. When your craft demands the best, accept no substitute.

Built with the finesse of Andis craftsmanship, this 22-Tooth blade is reminiscent of a jeweler’s precision. At its heart, it bears carbon-steel teeth, engineered not just for sharpness, but for a glide that feels almost ethereal. These taper blades aren’t just sharp; they’re adaptable, adjusting seamlessly from sizes 000 to 1, ensuring every cut, trim, or design you envision can be brought to life with exceptional accuracy.

But this isn’t just about performance; it’s about reliability too. Designed exclusively for the Andis Master—the undisputed favorite of Andis Nation—this blade promises not just compatibility, but an unparalleled partnership. Its dual-screw setting ensures effortless attachment and cleaning, while guaranteeing it remains steadfast and secure, allowing you to sculpt and design with unshakable confidence.

So, breathe new life into your trusted tool. Enhance its prowess and let every creation shine even brighter with the Master #22-Tooth Replacement Blade.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 3.75 × .25 in


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