ANDIS Master® #28 Replacement Blade

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Even the shiniest gems fade with time. Keep the sparkle on the crown jewel of your collection with the Master Blade, 28-Tooth, the ultimate precision blade for the king of all clippers.

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ANDIS Master® #28 Replacement Blade

The symphony of grooming is an ever-evolving melody. Keep your tool at the forefront of this evolution with the ANDIS Master® #28 Replacement Blade. This blade, a beacon of craftsmanship, tailors itself to empower the maestro in you, ensuring you produce nothing short of iconic styles every time.

Embedded within this 28-Tooth blade is the pinnacle of Andis engineering: robust carbon-steel teeth that not only captivate with their sharpness but also enchant with their smooth glide. These taper blades are more than just instruments; they’re extensions of your vision, offering adaptability from sizes 000 to 1. Whether you’re sculpting, trimming, or designing intricate patterns, expect precision that echoes your passion.

Designed exclusively for the Andis Master, which the Andis Nation holds in high regard, this blade doesn’t just fit; it partners with it, destined to shine. The dual-screw setting epitomizes convenience, ensuring swift attachment and meticulous cleaning while maintaining unwavering stability.

So, as you orchestrate artistry with every cut, ensure your tool resonates with your ambition. Let your creations sing with unmatched clarity and brilliance, all thanks to the Master #28-Tooth Replacement Blade.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 3.75 × .25 in


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