ANDIS Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper

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Masters of the craft aren’t born. They’re created. Jump-start your creative legacy with the Master Clipper, the professional standard for those destined for greatness.

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ANDIS Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper

Unlock the epitome of precision with the ANDIS Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper, a tool designed for visionaries, for those who don’t just create but innovate. This isn’t just another clipper; it’s an invitation to challenge the status quo, to bring your wildest imaginations to life. With the Master Clipper in your arsenal, every haircut becomes a masterpiece. Its magnetic motor, both powerful and relentless, ensures you never feel held back, irrespective of the task at hand.

The secret to its unparalleled performance? Carbon-steel blades that are not just sharp, but phenomenally so. They effortlessly adjust from 000 to 1, ensuring you have the flexibility and precision to deliver perfection on every cut. For those demanding days in the shop, its ingenious rapid-feed blade design, coupled with a cool, hushed operation, guarantees productivity without compromise.

Yet, its brilliance isn’t confined to its performance alone. Housed within a shiny, virtually indestructible aluminum casing, this clipper stands as a testament to longevity, all while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. The ANDIS Master Clipper isn’t just a tool, but an extension of your craft, encouraging you to master and transcend boundaries.

Weight30 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 2.5 in


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