ANDIS Outliner® II Replacement Blade

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There’s no better sensation than cutting hair with a crisp new blade. Feel unimaginably fresh with the replacement Outliner II Blade, precision steel for precise creative work.

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ANDIS Outliner® II Replacement Blade

The blade makes the artist. With the ANDIS Outliner® II Replacement Blade, you’re guaranteeing your style remains as crisp and fresh as day one. The culmination of Andis’ engineering prowess, this blade encapsulates excellence, ensuring your tool is always at the pinnacle of performance.

At its core lies advanced Andis carbon-steel technology. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill replacement; it’s a blade that stands testament to durability and sharpness. Specifically crafted for ultra-close dry shaves, meticulous fades, and razor-sharp line-ups, its square design delivers unparalleled precision every single time. And what sets it apart? It’s engineered to stay sharper for extended periods, overshadowing its competition with ease.

Yet, its appeal isn’t just confined to sharpness. For those pushing the boundaries of closeness, this blade can be effortlessly zero-gapped, with no modifications required. Coupled with an easy, robust screw-in mechanism, it promises unwavering stability even during the most grueling shop hours. Compatibility? It seamlessly integrates with the revered Andis GO and GTO trimmer models.

Re-energize your tool, redefine precision, and let each stroke of the Outliner II Blade reflect your unparalleled commitment to grooming perfection.

Weight1 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 3.75 × .25 in


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