Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers 10pcs Value Pack 3/4″

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Annie XL Soft Twist Rollers: 10-inch, 3/4″ diameter foam rollers for effortless, big curls, ideal for all settings, without pins or clips.

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Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers 10pcs Value Pack 3/4″

The Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers, available in a 10pcs Value Pack, offer an innovative approach to creating big, beautiful curls with minimal effort. These foam rollers, with their extra-long 10-inch length and 3/4” diameter, are ideal for achieving voluptuous curls in all hair types. Their soft, flexible design ensures ease of use and comfort, making them perfect for home, salon use, or overnight styling.

A key feature of these rollers is their user-friendly design. They eliminate the need for pins or clips, freeing you from the discomfort of pricks or pinching. This design also renders them lightweight and convenient, particularly suitable for those with busy lifestyles. Their vibrant purple color adds a fun, lively touch to your styling routine.

These rollers are an excellent option for those looking to avoid heat damage. They provide a safe, gentle method for curling hair, preserving its health and integrity. Ideal for both professional stylists and hair styling enthusiasts, the Annie Soft Twist Rollers offer an easy and effective way to achieve beautiful curls, maintaining hair health in the process.


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