Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers 4pcs 1″ Dark Green

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Annie Flex Grip Rollers: 10-inch, 1″ diameter in dark green, for easy, big curls without pins or clips, soft and lightweight.

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Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers 4pcs 1″ Dark Green

Annie 10″ XL Soft Twist Rollers in Dark Green, a 4pcs set, are a revolutionary tool for creating easy, luscious curls without the hassle often associated with traditional rollers. These Flex Grip Rollers stand out with their innovative design, combining softness, flexibility, and lightweight construction. With unmatched convenience, these rollers eliminate the need for pins and clips, providing a seamless styling experience.

The easy snap-to-close feature of these rollers ensures a secure hold, simplifying the process of rolling and unrolling hair. This design choice not only adds to the ease of use but also ensures that your hair and scalp remain free from pulling or damage. The rollers’ gentle grip makes them perfect for use at home, in the salon, while sleeping, or even when you’re on the move.

The dark green color adds a unique and stylish touch to these rollers, while their extra-long 10-inch length and 1-inch diameter make them suitable for creating big, voluminous curls with minimal effort. Ideal for those seeking a damage-free styling method, Annie Soft Twist Rollers are an excellent choice for achieving beautiful curls without the risk of heat damage or discomfort from pins and clips.


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