Annie 60 Bob Pins 2″ Black

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Annie Bob Pins: 60-count, 2-inch black bobby pins, crimped for strong hold, ideal for styling and securing various hair types.

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Annie 60 Bob Pins 2″

Annie’s 60 Bob Pins, each 2 inches long, are classic bobby pins designed to meet a wide range of hair styling needs. They are essential tools for anyone looking to create and maintain hairstyles with precision and ease.

The 60-count pack offers ample bobby pins for various uses, whether pinning back hair to achieve a particular style or simply holding hair back during activities. Their classic black color makes them versatile and suitable for all hair colors, blending seamlessly for a discreet and polished look.

Annie has crimped each bobby pin to enhance its grip and hold. This crimping ensures the pins effectively manage and hold back any hair type, from fine and straight to thick and curly. The 2-inch length provides secure hold without being too obtrusive or noticeable.

More than just functional hair accessories, Annie’s Bob Pins are a reliable and easy-to-use solution for anyone managing their hair, whether for a formal hairstyle, a workout session, or everyday wear. Their precision and non-slip grip make them a staple in any hair care and styling kit.


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