Annie Cold Wave Rods


Annie Cold Wave Rods: Durable perm rods for large, full curls, featuring flow-thru vents and a secure grip for salon-grade results at home.

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Annie Cold Wave Rods

Annie Cold Wave Rods are expertly designed to deliver large, full curls, adding body and volume to your hair. These perm rods are an essential tool for anyone seeking to achieve salon-grade hairstyles, whether for professional or personal use. Crafted for durability and longevity, these rods use high-quality materials, ensuring they stay a staple in your hair styling kit for years.

A standout feature of these rods, the flow-thru vents, specifically improve heat saturation, ensuring each curl sets evenly for a more consistent and defined curl pattern. The rods’ curved design, combined with small ridges and textured surfaces, provide an excellent grip on the hair, minimizing slippage and ensuring that your curls are as precise as they are beautiful.

Each rod narrows in the center, a design element that contributes to creating a tighter and more defined curl. The durable plastic construction of the rods not only makes them easy to clean but also easy to maintain, ensuring that they retain their quality over time.

The inclusion of a rubber band on each rod is a practical touch, holding the hair securely in place around the roller. This feature is particularly useful for those with longer or thicker hair, as it helps to keep the hair wrapped tightly and evenly.

Annie Cold Wave Rods are a testament to the brand’s reputation as America’s Favorite Brand of Rollers and Curlers. They are a reliable, effective, and easy-to-use solution for anyone looking to add curl, body, and volume to their hair.


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