Annie Duck Bill Clips 12ct

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Annie Duck Bill Clips: Durable metal clips with strong hold, ideal for salon use and personal styling, especially effective for curls.

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Annie Duck Bill Clips

Annie Duck Bill Clips are a staple in the world of professional hair styling, revered for their versatility and reliability. These metal clips are an essential tool for a multitude of hair uses, making them a favorite in salons and for personal use alike. Recognized as a top-rated brand for salon supplies, Annie ensures that these clips meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Crafted from durable, long-lasting metal, these clips are designed to endure regular use while maintaining their shape and strength. The strong metal spring at the core of each clip provides a firm and reliable hold, essential for various hair styling needs. These clips are particularly effective for holding curls in place, ensuring they set perfectly for a flawless look.

Their sleek design and efficient grip make them ideal for sectioning hair during cutting, coloring, or styling. The duck bill shape allows for precise and easy placement in the hair, adding to their functionality. Whether you’re a professional stylist or someone who loves experimenting with hairstyles at home, Annie Duck Bill Clips are an indispensable addition to your hair styling toolkit.


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