Annie Clear Dye Bowl

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Annie Clear Dye Bowl: Perfect for hair color mixing and application, with an angled spout, non-slip base, and precise measuring scales.

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Annie Clear Dye Bowl

The Annie Clear Dye Bowl, an essential tool for hair coloring enthusiasts and professional stylists alike, makes mixing and applying hair tints both effortless and precise. Its clear construction allows for easy monitoring of the color and consistency of your dye mix, ensuring you achieve the perfect blend every time.

One of the key features of this dye bowl is its angled pour spout and handle, which facilitate smooth, controlled pouring and handling. This design minimizes spills and drips, allowing for a cleaner, more efficient coloring process. Additionally, the non-slip rubberized base of the bowl ensures stability during use, preventing any unwanted movement or tipping.

Another significant aspect of the Annie Clear Dye Bowl is its precise measuring scales. These scales are invaluable for achieving accurate color formulations, ensuring that each mixture is consistent and true to your desired outcome. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY color enthusiast, this dye bowl is a must-have for a successful and hassle-free coloring experience.


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