Annie Lightly Powdered Latex Gloves 10ct

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Annie Latex Gloves: 10ct lightly powdered, disposable gloves for multipurpose salon use, providing comfort and professionalism in a natural color.

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Annie Lightly Powdered Latex Gloves

Annie Lightly Powdered Latex Gloves, in a pack of 10, are a practical and professional choice for various non-medical salon-style applications. These disposable gloves are multi-purpose, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks, from hair coloring and chemical treatments to general hair and beauty care. The natural color of the gloves adds a professional touch to the styling process, ensuring a clean and sophisticated appearance.

These lightly powdered gloves aid in easy wear and removal, especially in fast-paced salon environments. The light powdering also helps in reducing moisture build-up, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. Despite being disposable, they offer a reliable and professional look, ensuring stylist and client confidence in the hygiene practices observed.

Made from latex, Annie Gloves provide a snug and comfortable fit, allowing for dexterity and precision in various beauty tasks. They are ideal for professionals and home users who seek a balance of comfort, functionality, and hygiene in their styling tools. Their disposable nature ensures that each pair is clean and ready for single-use, promoting optimal hygiene standards in any beauty setting.


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