Annie Powder Free Latex Gloves 10ct

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Annie Latex Gloves: 10-count powder-free, disposable gloves for versatile salon use, offering flexibility and hygiene in a natural color.

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Annie Powder Free Latex Gloves

Annie Powder Free Latex Gloves, available in a convenient 10-count pack, are essential for maintaining hygiene and safety in various salon-style and personal grooming settings. Designed for non-medical use, these disposable gloves are a multi-purpose tool, ideal for a range of applications such as hair coloring, chemical treatments, and general hair care tasks. Their natural color ensures a professional look while providing the necessary protection.

The powder-free design of these latex gloves is significant for salon use, as it reduces the risk of contamination and keeps the working environment clean. The absence of powder also makes them a safer choice for clients and stylists with powder-related sensitivities. Made from latex, these gloves offer a snug fit and flexibility, allowing for precision and ease in tasks that require a delicate touch.

Their disposable nature ensures that each pair is clean and ready for one-time use, promoting a hygienic practice. Whether you’re a professional stylist or someone who prioritizes cleanliness in your beauty routine, Annie Powder Free Latex Gloves are a practical and reliable choice for safeguarding against contaminants and maintaining a hygienic workspace.


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