Annie Powder Free Vinyl Gloves 6ct

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Annie Vinyl Gloves: 6ct hypoallergenic, powder-free gloves, ideal for salon use, providing safety and precision in beauty treatments.

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Annie Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Annie Powder Free Vinyl Gloves are an indispensable tool in any salon-style setting, designed for non-medical use but crucial for maintaining hygiene and safety during various beauty treatments. Made from hypoallergenic vinyl, these gloves suit individuals with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Their clear color adds professionalism and ensures your hands are well-protected.

The powder-free nature of these gloves is particularly important in a salon environment. It eliminates the risk of powder contamination, which is essential during hair coloring, chemical treatments, or other intricate beauty procedures. The vinyl material offers both comfort and dexterity, allowing for precise and meticulous work without compromising on sensitivity or control.

These gloves provide an effective barrier against contaminants, ensuring both the stylist’s and client’s safety. Their clear color maintains a clean and professional look, essential for creating a hygienic and trustworthy atmosphere in the salon. Suitable for a wide range of beauty applications, these gloves are a must-have for any beauty professional, combining functionality, comfort, and safety in one essential product.


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