Annie Professional Brow Shaper 3ct

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Annie Brow Shaper 3ct: Assorted colors, stainless steel blades with safety covers, made in Korea, and assembled in Vietnam for precise brow shaping.

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Annie Professional Brow Shaper

The Annie Professional Brow Shaper 3ct is a set of expertly designed grooming tools, essential for achieving perfectly shaped eyebrows. This pack contains three brow shapers, each in a different color, adding variety and personality to your grooming kit.

A key feature of these brow shapers is the stainless steel blade, known for its precision and durability. The blade’s sharpness ensures a clean and accurate trim, making it the perfect tool for shaping and defining your eyebrows. The stainless steel construction also ensures the blade remains rust-free and maintains its quality over time.

Safety is paramount with any grooming tool, and the Annie Professional Brow Shapers address this with a safety cover for each blade. This addition not only protects the blade when not in use but also ensures your safety during storage and handling.

Korea, known for its advanced beauty and grooming tool manufacturing, produces the blades, indicating their quality and reliability. The final assembly of the brow shapers takes place in Vietnam, adhering to stringent quality control processes.

Ideal for anyone looking for a reliable, safe, and effective eyebrow maintenance tool, this 3-count pack of Annie Professional Brow Shapers suits both professional beauticians and home grooming enthusiasts.


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