Annie Professional Stainless Hair Shear 5 1/2″

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Annie Professional 5 1/2″ Hair Shear: Premium stainless steel with a finger rest, ideal for precise, comfortable at-home and professional styling.

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Annie Professional Stainless Hair Shear 5 1/2″

The Annie Professional Stainless Hair Shear 5 1/2″ revolutionizes your hair styling and cutting experience as a top-tier tool. Crafted from premium stainless steel, these shears, part of the esteemed Annie Stainless Series, ensure durability and guarantee long-lasting sharpness for precise cuts. Ideal for both professional stylists and at-home hair enthusiasts, these shears are a must-have for anyone seeking quality and efficiency in their hair cutting tools.

Measuring 5 1/2 inches, these shears offer versatility for a wide range of styling techniques, whether you’re trimming bangs, creating layers, or doing detailed work. The stainless steel construction not only imparts strength and longevity but also maintains the shears’ sharp edge for clean, accurate cuts every time.

One of the standout features of these shears is the comfortable finger rest, which provides additional control and reduces hand fatigue during use. This ergonomic design ensures a more comfortable cutting experience, making these shears ideal for extended styling sessions. Whether you’re a professional looking for a reliable tool or someone who enjoys styling at home, the Annie Professional Stainless Hair Shear 5 1/2″ delivers performance, comfort, and precision.


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