Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color

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Bigen Permanent Powder: A gentle, long-lasting, deposit-only hair color for smooth, natural-looking results, ideal for gray coverage and shine.

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Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is a revolutionary product in the realm of hair dyes, offering a gentle yet effective coloring solution. This deposit-only hair color provides long-lasting results without the need for lifting (lightening) action, which is often necessary with other permanent hair colors. This unique characteristic makes Bigen an ideal choice for those seeking to darken their hair while minimizing damage.

Unlike many conventional hair colors that rely on both lifting and depositing actions, Bigen’s simplified coloring system significantly reduces the risk of hair damage. This approach ensures that your hair remains healthier and stronger, even after coloring.

The result of using Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is hair that looks not only colored but also smooth, natural-looking, and shiny. The product’s formulation leaves hair with a vibrant, rich color that enhances its natural beauty.

This hair color provides excellent gray hair coverage as well as enrichment of natural hair color. It’s ideal for various hair types, regardless of natural color, texture, condition, length, or style.

Bigen’s commitment to a gentle coloring process is further exemplified by its ammonia-free formula. This deposit-only color is a kinder alternative to traditional hair dyes, offering rich color and optimum shine without the harsh effects of ammonia.


26 Golden Brown, 37 Dark Auburn, 45 Chocolate, 46 Light Chestnut, 47 Medium Chestnut, 48 Dark Chestnut, 56 Rich Medium Brown, 57 Dark Brown, 58 Black Brown, 59 Oriental Black, 76 Copper Brown, 88 Blue Black, 96 Deep Burgundy


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