Bobbi Boss Premium Fiber 2X Nu Locs Braid 12″


Experience the luxury of doubled volume with the 12″ Nu Locs, featuring a natural texture, softness, and lightness. These locs are pre-looped for easy styling, hot water settable, and flame-retardant, ensuring your look is not only chic but also safe and comfortable.

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Bobbi Boss Premium Fiber 2X Nu Locs Braid 12″

The Bobbi Boss Premium Fiber 2X Nu Locs Braid 12″ is the epitome of timeless elegance and cutting-edge practicality. Indulge in double the volume with these premium fibers, designed to bestow a lush, dense look that adds character and depth to your natural beauty. Craftsmen meticulously fashion every strand to reveal a lifelike texture that’s both captivating and classy.

The pre-looped crochet interlocking system is a testament to the fusion of convenience and quality. Installation is seamless, transforming an often tedious process into a breezy, enjoyable beauty ritual. Now, attaining a professional and polished look is effortlessly within your reach, freeing up precious moments for your busy life.

These locs don’t just offer visual allure; they prioritize your comfort. Engineers have made each fiber both soft to the touch and astonishingly light to ensure your natural hair stays unburdened throughout the day. The ability to hot water set opens a world of styling possibilities, allowing for customization that truly reflects your unique personality. Moreover, the flame-retardant aspect of these locs brings peace of mind, enhancing your experience with an added layer of protection.


1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 613, BURG, M27/GOLD, TWILDCHERRY, T1B/280A, T1B/GRAY


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