BTL Extreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel

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BTL Extreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel (Level 5) delivers impeccable hold for braids, twists, or locs on all hair textures. No flakes or residue. Effortlessly achieve flawless braided styles.

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BTL Extreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel

Elevate your braiding game with BTL Extreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel – the ultimate solution for achieving flawless braids, twists, or locs, regardless of your hair texture. This Extreme Performance Braiding Gel, with its Level 5 strength, is your go-to product for creating impeccable styles with confidence.

What sets BTL Professional Braiding Gel apart is its uncompromising performance and versatility. Whether you have natural hair or extensions, this gel delivers the hold you desire without the dreaded flakes or residue.

To use, simply apply the gel with your fingertips to the desired area and use a comb to run through each section of the braid. You have full control over how much gel to use, ensuring that your braids are sleek, defined, and securely in place.

This gel is your trusted companion for achieving the styles you love without the hassle of constant touch-ups. Say goodbye to flakes and residue that can ruin your perfect look; BTL Professional Braiding Gel offers a clean, polished finish that stays put all day.

With its Level 5 strength, this gel ensures that your braids, twists, or locs remain intact, even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re creating intricate designs or everyday styles, you can trust this gel to deliver uncompromising hold.

Elevate your braiding game to new heights with BTL Extreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel. Get the hold you need without the worry of flakes or residue. It’s your key to achieving braided perfection effortlessly.


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