BTL Supreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel


BTL’s Braiding Gel offers a strong, residue-free hold for all hair types, perfect for braids, twists, and locs.

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BTL Supreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel

Delve into the world of superior braiding with the BTL Supreme Performance Professional Braiding Gel. Tailored to seamlessly match every hair texture, this braiding gel ensures your signature styles come alive, whether that’s elegant braids, intricate twists, or the timeless charm of locs.

Crafted with expertise, BTL’s braiding gel triumphs in versatility. Its unique formula caters to both natural hair and extensions, ensuring each strand gets the attention it deserves. What makes it a standout is its resilience – achieve the firm hold you’ve always envisioned, minus the dreaded flakes or residue. So, you’re left with nothing but a pristine, professional finish.

Usage is a breeze. For braids, massage the gel using fingertips over the required area, following it up with a comb to perfect each section. Similarly, for locs, application at the roots followed by a gentle comb and twist will render the impeccable results you desire.

Enriched with ingredients like water, glycerin, and propylene glycol, the gel not only styles but also nurtures. So, every time you choose BTL, you’re choosing a styling partner that respects and cherishes your hair’s natural essence.



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