Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution

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Harness the power of Clairol’s Advanced Gray Solution with Advanced O2 Technology. Achieve lasting color, double the gray coverage, and shine, without compromising hair health. Refresh and rejuvenate in just a few steps.

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Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution

Clairol Professional presents the Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution – an evolution in hair color solutions tailored just for you. With this semi-permanent hair color, embrace a treatment that not only covers grays effectively but does so without harsh chemicals.

The Advanced Gray Solution is formulated without ammonia or peroxide. Instead, it harnesses the Advanced O2 Technology, utilizing the oxygen in the air to develop color. This innovative approach ensures no developer is needed, safeguarding your hair’s health and vibrancy. Furthermore, with this treatment, anticipate double the gray coverage, enduring twice as long as its contemporaries.

Aside from its impressive coverage, this product also doubles as a refresher for permanent hair color, adding that extra shine to potentially dull strands. Experience revitalized, moisturized, and gleaming hair that retains its charm for up to 12 splendid shampoos.

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1A Midnight Black, 2A Rich Dark Brown, 6G Light Golden Chestnut, 4R Mahogany Red Brown, 2RV Burgundy Brown, 2N Espresso Brown, 6N Toasted Hazelnut, 3W Rich Walnut, 4A Chai Brown


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