Clairol Jazzing Collection Temporary Color

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Navigate through spirited styles and shades, ensuring each strand narrates a tale of your audacious, radiant essence, whether choosing a captivating temporary or a lingering semi-permanent transformation.

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Clairol Jazzing Collection Temporary Color

Dive into the vibrant world of Clairol’s Jazzing Collection Temporary Color, where you don’t just style your hair – you bring it to life with rich, colorful narratives. Every strand turns into a blank canvas, waiting for you to adorn it with stories. With the broad spectrum of hues in this collection, you can choose any shade to create your masterpiece. From the adventurous soul seeking a temporary splash of color to the one looking for a semi-permanent touch of brilliance, this collection addresses every whim.

Its formula respects your hair’s history. Whether you’ve permed, relaxed, or colored your tresses, it slides in seamlessly, amplifying the existing hues, adding layers of mesmerizing depth and vibrant dimension. The results? A visual symphony of enriched, multifaceted shades that shine with unmatched luminosity.

Flexibility is key. Choose to embrace the allure of a temporary look that stays vivid for 1-2 shampoos or lean into a semi-permanent transformation using heat. The choice, and the ensuing narrative of color and style, is entirely yours. Dive into a world where every hue speaks of an adventure, every shade tells a story, and every application is a fresh chapter.

Clairol Professional Jazzing

Weight3.5 oz
Dimensions1 × 2 × 6 in

10 Clear, 20 Bold Gold, 30 Spiced Cognac, 40 Red Hot, 50 Fuchsia Plum, 56 Cherry Cola, 58 Ruby Red, 60 Racy Wine, 78 Creme Soda, 80 Toasted Chestnut, 94 Ebony, 99 Bluest Black


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