Clairol Professional Pure White Hair Developers

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Enriched with protective conditioners, achieve consistent, lustrous color and healthy strands, as your hair journeys from subtle to splendid, all while maintaining its vitality amidst the chemical process.

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Clairol Professional Pure White Hair Developers for Lightening & Gray Coverage

Unveil the unbounded power of transformation with Clairol Professional Pure White Hair Developers, your clandestine ally in lightening and masterfully concealing gray strands. Immerse your locks in a cascade of clarity and strength, ensuring each strand transitions not just in color, but also toward augmented vitality. The standard lightening action is nothing short of a spectacle, navigating your hair’s journey from understated to absolutely splendid, while the gray coverage works tactfully, bestowing a graceful aging experience.

Your hair type, a mere canvas, awaiting the artistic prowess of Clairol Professional Pure White. The reliable, laboratory-stabilized formula, ensures predictability and consistency in your hair adventures, delivering results that enthrall and beckon admiring gazes. Achieve your envisioned hair color, in the comfort of your abode, surrounded by certainty and expertise encapsulated in a bottle.

Clairol Professional Pure White Clairol Professional Pure White

Weight20 oz
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 8 in

6 Volume Developer, 10 Volume Developer, 20 Volume Developer, 30 Volume Developer, 40 Volume Developer


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