Creme of Nature Pure Honey Twist & Hold Defining Custard

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Creme of Nature Custard: A Pure Honey infused custard for defining curls, adding shine, and providing a long-lasting soft hold.

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Creme of Nature Pure Honey Twist & Hold Defining Custard

Experience the mastery of perfect curls with Creme of Nature Pure Honey Twist & Hold Defining Custard, a key product in the Pure Honey collection. This custard is meticulously formulated to not only define curls but also provide a lasting, soft hold. Enriched with Pure Honey, Certified Natural Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter, it enhances your curls, leaving them defined, soft, and lustrous.

This Defining Custard offers more than just styling benefits. It deeply moisturizes and reduces frizz, giving your curls a neat, polished look. Additionally, it combats curl shrinkage, preserving the length and bounce of your curls. Ideal for creating twist outs or rod sets, this custard is an excellent styling companion, ensuring your curls remain defined and attractive all day.

As part of the Pure Honey line, this custard is especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated hair, providing crucial moisture and smoothness without heavy hair. Suitable for all hair types, this is an essential for anyone seeking to maintain moisturized, healthy, and beautifully styled curls.


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