Difeel Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Pro-Growth

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Difeel Pro-Growth Hot Oil Treatment: Strengthens and stimulates hair growth, hydrates dry hair, and reduces frizz with natural, nourishing ingredients.

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Difeel Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Pro-Growth

Difeel Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Pro-Growth is a specialized solution engineered for healthy hair growth. This treatment features a fortified, strengthening formula that stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth and intensely hydrates dry, brittle hair, effectively reducing frizz.

Part of Difeel’s high-quality hot oil treatment range, the Pro-Growth Hot Oil Treatment offers salon-quality results at home. It targets a variety of hair needs, from stimulating hair growth to addressing scalp concerns, standing out for its efficacy in promoting hair health and vitality.

This moisture-rich formula restores vibrancy, softness, and silkiness to your hair. Rich in natural ingredients, it forms protein-rich oils brimming with hair care benefits. These ingredients work together to enhance your hair’s health and appearance, making it grow faster and look and feel better.

Difeel ensures its Hot Oil Treatments, including the Pro-Growth variant, are free from harmful chemicals like parabens and silicone, which can damage hair over time. Made in the USA to the highest quality standards, this 1.5-ounce treatment is ideal for those seeking a natural, effective way to encourage hair growth and improve hair texture.


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