Dorco Tinkle Hair Cutter

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Dorco Tinkle Hair Cutter: Combines cutting and combing for easy home use, suitable for all hair types with fine and wide teeth options.

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Dorco Tinkle Hair Cutter

The Dorco Tinkle Hair Cutter, an innovative hair grooming tool, revolutionizes at-home hair trimming and styling. This modern appliance combines a comb’s functionality with a cutter’s, making hair cutting more accessible and convenient than ever.

At 7.25 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width, the Tinkle Hair Cutter is perfectly sized for comfortable handling and effective use. Its ability to accommodate two regular-sized, double-edge razor blades is a standout feature, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time.

Designed to cater to different hair types, the Tinkle Hair Cutter offers options for both thin and thick hair. The fine teeth side is ideal for thinner hair, allowing detailed and finer cuts without overly thinning. In contrast, the wide teeth side suits thicker hair, providing a broader cutting area for efficient management and styling.

The Dorco Tinkle Hair Cutter is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a simple, at-home hair cutting solution. Whether maintaining your current hairstyle, trimming split ends, or experimenting with a new look, it offers the ease and flexibility you need.


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