EBIN 24 Hour Braid Sheen Spray

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EBIN Braid Sheen Spray: Relieves braid tightness, moisturizes, and adds shine with argan and castor oil, easy to apply and cruelty-free.

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EBIN 24 Hour Braid Sheen Spray

EBIN 24 Hour Braid Sheen Spray is a specialized hair care product designed to bring relief and nourishment to those who wear braids, locks, and twists. Understanding the stress and tightness often associated with these styles, this spray offers a soothing solution while enhancing the overall health and appearance of your hair.

The primary function of the Braid Sheen Spray is to smooth tightness and alleviate soreness from braids. It is especially beneficial for individuals who experience tension from tightly styled braids, as it helps release this tension, making the hairstyle more comfortable to wear.

In addition to providing relief, this spray adds a healthy shine to your braids that lasts all day. It acts as a conditioning agent, moisturizing and softening the braids, thereby enhancing their look and feel. This shine is not just superficial; it reflects the deep nourishment the spray provides to both the hair and scalp.

The nourishing properties of the Braid Sheen Spray are pivotal in keeping your braids looking vibrant and healthy. It prevents breakage and conditions your hair and scalp through moisturization. This ensures that your braids remain in good condition, and your hair health is maintained.

Application of the spray is remarkably easy and convenient. The one-hand pump sprayer allows for quick and even application, ensuring that you’re just a spray away from achieving the desired healthy shine.

EBIN takes pride in the ethical formulation of their products. The 24 Hour Braid Sheen Spray is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, containing beneficial ingredients like argan and castor oil. This commitment to quality and ethics ensures that your hair receives the best care with the finest ingredients.


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