EBIN Braid Formula Loc-Twist-Braid Oil Cuticle Strengthening

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EBIN Cuticle Strengthening Braid Oil: Citrus-infused for enhanced scalp health, moisture, and hair strength, ideal for braids and twists.

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EBIN Braid Formula Loc-Twist-Braid Oil Cuticle Strengthening

EBIN Braid Formula: Loc, Twist, and Braid Oil Cuticle Strengthening is a premium hair care solution, specifically designed for those who frequently wear braids or protective hairstyles. This nurturing oil is available in three distinct formulations – Caffeine, Chamomile, and Citrus – each tailored to provide exceptional scalp care and hair nourishment. The focus of this variant is on strengthening hair cuticles, ensuring healthier, more resilient hair.

The Citrus-infused oil is a key component of this formula, renowned for its ability to control dry scalp effectively. It promotes circulation in the hair and scalp, revitalizing hair follicles and combating dullness and brittleness. Additionally, the citrus oil offers aromatherapeutic benefits, bringing a refreshing energy to your hair care routine.

This luxurious braiding oil is designed to alleviate dry, flaky scalp conditions. Its hyper-nutritional properties ensure that your scalp remains well-moisturized, preventing the discomfort and itchiness often associated with tight hairstyles. Regular use of this oil can transform your hair, making it stronger and more vibrant.

Furthermore, EBIN’s commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices is evident in its cruelty-free and vegan-friendly approach. This philosophy guarantees that your hair care routine is not only beneficial for your hair but also aligns with responsible and sustainable beauty standards.


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