EBIN Setting Mousse Strengthening & Shine – Sweet Almond Oil

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EBIN Lock ‘N Pomade Setting Mousse is your braided style’s best friend. Eliminate frizz, extend your style’s life, and nourish with sweet almond oil. Strength, shine, and cruelty-free love.

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EBIN Setting Mousse Strengthening & Shine – Sweet Almond Oil

Elevate your braided hairstyles with EBIN’s Lock’N Pomade Setting Mousse, the ultimate finishing touch that turns ordinary styles into extraordinary works of art. This remarkable setting mousse is the secret to setting your style, eradicating frizz, and extending the life of your carefully crafted braids.

Undoubtedly designed to be your hair’s best friend, our lightweight setting mousse effortlessly delivers a smooth finish, leaving you with a frizz-free look that turns heads. Whether you prefer to air dry your hair or use heat styling tools, our Lock’N Pomade Setting Mousse locks your braids in place and keeps unruly flyaways under control.

Additionally, the true magic lies in our infusion of sweet almond oil, a natural treasure renowned for its high moisture content. Say goodbye to dry, weak hair prone to breakage, as our mousse nourishes and hydrates each strand from within. Manage your hair effortlessly, ensuring it never becomes too dry or too oily, while maintaining that undeniable freshness.

Experience the deep penetrating moisture and hydration that brings your braids to life, leaving them with a radiant glow that exudes health and vitality. Not only does our Lock’N Pomade Setting Mousse keep your braids in place, but it also enriches them with the nourishment they deserve, resulting in stronger, healthier hair that shines with flawless perfection.

At EBIN, we’re committed to cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products enriched with hair-loving ingredients. Let your hair shine with confidence, knowing that you’ve chosen only the best for your locks.


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