EBIN Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse

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EBIN’s aerosol mousse reimagines wig tinting. Combining precise shade rendering with airy foam, experience stain-free, natural finishes. Four shades guarantee your flawless match.

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EBIN Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse

Introducing the latest in wig-tinting mastery: EBIN Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse. Meticulously crafted, this aerosol mousse stands at the crossroads of innovation and convenience, setting a new benchmark for wig aficionados everywhere.

Redefine your wig routine with this avant-garde product. Its distinctive combination offers the precision of shade due to its oxidation process and the breeziness of a feathery foam. Navigate away from cumbersome, hefty applications and glide into a realm where tinting is sheer simplicity. The unmatched ease this mousse brings eliminates guesswork and mess from the equation.

But it’s not just about convenience. The formula is a marvel in itself, assuring zero stains or transfers – only a crystalline, impeccable tone for your lace. Fused with the promise of a naturally flawless finish, every use ascends your wig appearance to unmatched heights. Additionally, with a palette spanning four distinct shades, discovering your ideal match is no longer a quest but a delightful certainty, allowing your wig to blend harmoniously with your unique skin tone.

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions1.75 × 1.75 × 6.75 in

Dark Brown, Light Warm Brown, Medium Brown, Natural Beige


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