EBIN Tinted Lace Mousse

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Experience unparalleled wig integration with EBIN’s mousse. Boasting superior absorption and rich pigmentation, achieve a seamless, natural shade that eliminates visible lace. The future of authentic wig installations is here.

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EBIN Tinted Lace Mousse

Elevate your wig-wearing journey with EBIN’s Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse. Engineered with precision for today’s discerning user, this mousse epitomizes a harmonious blend of functionality and contemporary chic. The essence of natural, it promises to resonate with the authenticity of the hair that graces your scalp.

The revolution lies in its form. As a lightweight foaming entity, its remarkable absorption capacity ensures that your wig harmonizes seamlessly with your own hair, portraying an illusion of an innate scalp. This is augmented by the mousse’s lush pigmentation. What does this mean for you? A consistently impeccable match that dispels the woes of visible lace, ushering you into a world where your wig becomes an indistinguishable extension of you.

So, why settle? Embrace the future of wig installations and immerse yourself in the authenticity that EBIN’s Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse pledges to offer.

Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions1.75 × 1.75 × 5.5 in

Dark Brown, Light Warm Brown, Medium Brown, Medium Dark Brown


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