EBIN Wonder Lace Bond Extra Mega Hold

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EBIN’s Wonder Lace Bond provides extreme, long-lasting hold for lace wigs, drying clear and suitable for sensitive skin.

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EBIN Wonder Lace Bond Extra Mega Hold

Anchoring your confidence, EBIN Wonder Lace Bond Extra Mega Hold introduces a revolution in lace wig adhesives, meticulously formulated to secure your wig impeccably, offering weeks of worry-free comfort. The ultimate lace wig glue guarantees a seamlessly blended lace frontal against the skin, providing a convincingly natural look that’s undetectable, yet profoundly secure. Notably, it’s not merely an adhesive; it’s a promise of steadfastness, ensuring your style remains unshakable, unmovable, and undoubtedly flawless.

Moreover, this adhesive champions an extra mega hold, delivering a stunningly finished look that doesn’t just last all day, but perseveres all week, allowing you to navigate through your days without a second thought to your wig’s position or stability. Affordability intertwines with mega strength, confirming that powerful hold doesn’t demand a premium.

Applying white but drying clear, the quick-dry formula assures a natural, seamless application, establishing a stronghold that endures all week. Waterproof, oil-resistant, and perspiration-resistant, this glue courageously holds your wig through oily skin, heavy perspiration, and high humidity. Also, being latex-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, it allows you to slay your wig, while upholding your conscious lifestyle choices.113


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