Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse Spritz Mega Hold

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Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse Spritz: Experience unparalleled hold, instant drying, and zero flakes. Battle humidity, vanquish frizz, and enjoy perfect hairstyles in a generous bonus bottle.

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Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse Spritz Mega Hold

Step into a new era of hair perfection with the Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse Spritz Mega Hold Hairspray. This isn’t just a hairspray; it’s a revolution, tailored to redefine your hairstyling experience. Where many sprays fall short, this mousse spritz rises, setting the gold standard for hold, efficiency, and finesse.

What makes it special? Begin with its lightning-fast drying attribute. Time is precious, and we recognize that. Within moments of application, watch as it works its magic, ensuring your style sets instantly and flawlessly. And for those wary of flakiness, breathe a sigh of relief. This formula pledges a no-flake experience, allowing you to glide a comb through your hair without a hitch.

The strengths don’t stop there. Boasting 30% more holding prowess, this hairspray promises that every hairstyle, be it simple or intricate, stays put regardless of humid conditions. Say a final goodbye to those unsightly frizz episodes. All of this potency, encapsulated in a generous bonus-sized bottle, marks the next phase in hairspray evolution. With Fantasia IC Liquid Mousse Spritz, you’re not just getting a product; you’re acquiring an ally for impeccable, long-lasting hairstyles.

Weight13 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 9.25 in


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