göt2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue


Achieve bold, defiant hairstyles with göt2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue. Secure a supreme hold for audacious spikes and twists, ensuring your style remains unyielding even under humid conditions, while prioritizing safe usage.

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göt2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue

Forge audacious, impossibly defiant hairstyles with göt2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue. Tailored for those unafraid to command attention with their daring hairdo, this spiking glue secures a supreme hold, enabling an array of extravagant styles from bold spikes to intricate twists.

To harness optimal results, initiate styling on damp hair. Dispense a moderate quantity and distribute uniformly through your hair or apply to your fingertips when sculpting pronounced spikes or detailed twists. Notably, the glue’s water-resistant qualities fortify your style, maintaining its integrity even amidst high humidity.

At Henkel, safeguarding your safety is paramount. Though göt2b Glued Spiking Glue harbors potent elements to assure a formidable hold, it remains entirely safe when adhered to instructed use. Misuse, particularly under elevated temperatures or direct skin contact, might provoke skin irritation. Always ensure to confine application to the hair, assuring a safe, yet bold, styling experience.

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