Hot & Hotter Digital Ceramic 3 Barrel Waver 3/4″

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The Digital Ceramic 3 Barrel Waver offers fast, big curls with Intelligent heating and adjustable temperatures for all hair types.

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Hot & Hotter Digital Ceramic 3 Barrel Waver 3/4″

Delve into the world of swift and voluminous curls with the Digital Ceramic 3 Barrel Waver, brought to you by Hot & Hotter. This masterpiece boasts not one, but three 3/4” barrels. This trio effectively cuts down your styling time, allowing you to achieve those sought-after big curls in a fraction of the time. It’s not just about speed, though; it’s about efficiency. Thanks to the groundbreaking Intelligent PTC heater, a mere 60 seconds is all it takes for this tool to reach its optimum heat.

Dive deeper, and its array of features only becomes more impressive. With five digital temperature settings, ranging from a mild 280°F to an intense 450°F, versatility is yours. This ensures your curls have both bounce and longevity, irrespective of your hair type. For those constantly on the move, its worldwide dual voltage is a boon, and the 360° swivel cord offers uninhibited ease during styling sessions. To round it off, the safety stand ensures that your countertops remain scorch-free and your tool, when not in use, rests securely.


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