I&I Hair Original 100% Pre-Stretched Spetra Braid


The Spetra Braid combines ease with natural Yaki texture for effortless braiding. Pre-stretched and lightweight, it’s comfort redefined.

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I&I Hair Original 100% Pre-Stretched Spetra Braid

Discover the pinnacle of hair innovation with the Original 100% Pre-Stretched Spetra Braid, available in 20″ and 26″. Say goodbye to prolonged installation times; the pre-stretched nature of this hair ensures a swift and efficient braiding experience. Imagine the convenience of having hair that’s ready to weave straight out of the pack!

Designed with Yaki Texture, this Spetra hair extension closely mirrors the appearance and touch of natural hair, ensuring a seamless blend. The softness is reminiscent of human hair, and its lightweight composition ensures maximum comfort throughout wear. Dive into a realm where hair doesn’t just look good; it feels fantastic too.

Beyond aesthetics, the Spetra Braid stands out for its versatility. Dive into diverse styles from box braids to Senegalese twists with ease, thanks to its hot water setting ability. This feature allows style transformations simply by immersing in hot water. Whether you’re after a chic twist or a classic braid, this is your go-to solution. Made with the 99% antibacterial fiber “SPECTRA”, this braid promises a fresh, itch-free experience. Embrace the blend of beauty, convenience, and innovation with Spetra.


1, 144, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 33, 350, 4, 613, 900, 99J, F30/PURPLE, SILVER, T1B/LIGHTBLUE, T1B/LIGHTORANGE, T1B/YELLOW, T4/27, TPURPLE/60, T1B/144, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/350, T1B/990, T1B/BLUE, T1B/GREEN, T1B/LIGHTGREEN, T1B/PINK, T1B/PURPLE, T1B/RED, T1B/SILVER, T2/613, T4/30, T613/RED


20", 26"


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