Isoplus Oil Sheen Regular Hair Spray


Isoplus Oil Sheen Spray offers a radiant finish and healthy growth, perfect for enhancing styles and nurturing hair.

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Isoplus Oil Sheen Regular Hair Spray

Discover the magic contained within a single can: the Isoplus Oil Sheen Hair Spray. Designed to elevate your hair game, this concentrated oil sheen formula infuses your hair with an enviable sparkle, sheen, and vivacity. Whether you’re looking to enhance your blow drying results, give life to your waves, or add that extra touch to your curls and wigs, this hair spray is your go-to solution.

Beyond just aesthetics, Isoplus isn’t content with merely making your hair look good; it endeavors to make your hair feel and be better. Enriched with essential vitamins, the formula fosters healthy hair growth that you can both feel and see. Ingredients like Silk Amino Acid fortify hair, providing strength and healing to any existing damage.

The results? Improved manageability, a tactile softness that’s undeniable, and a noticeable boost in hair growth. Dubbed the “hair doctor in a can”, this spray is a therapeutic experience, rejuvenating hair while enhancing its natural bounce and sheen. And, with a firm commitment to environmental responsibility, this hair spray proudly boasts a no-CFCs formulation, allowing you to care for both your hair and the planet.


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