Mayde Lace&Lace Capri Curl 100% HH Lace Front Wig

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Mayde Capri Curl Wig: A versatile, 100% human hair wig with dynamic curls, customizable styling, and simple care instructions for lasting beauty.

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Mayde Lace&Lace Capri Curl 100% HH Lace Front Wig

Discover the allure of the Mayde Lace&Lace Capri Curl 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig, a true masterpiece in hair styling. This stunning wig is crafted for your creative expression, allowing you to dye, bleach, and perm it to your heart’s content. The Capri Curl celebrates the beauty of curls, offering a lively and vibrant look.

Caring for the Capri Curl wig is simple, ensuring its lasting charm. Start by using your fingers to gently detangle the curly hair. Cleanse it with lukewarm water and synthetic wig shampoo, then apply a conditioner. After washing, carefully squeeze out the excess water without twisting or rubbing, and pat dry with a clean towel. Place the wig on a stand to air dry.

Post-wash, the wig may temporarily lose its curl pattern. To revive the curls, clean the hair thoroughly to remove any product buildup, then use heated styling tools or rods to restore its dynamic curls. The Mayde Capri Curl Wig is the epitome of versatility and elegance, perfect for anyone seeking a natural, customizable curly hair look.


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