Mayde Wet & Wavy Bells Wave 100% Human Hair Wig

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Mayde Bells Wave Wig: A 100% human hair wig, easily transitioning from straight to wavy, offering versatile styling and natural elegance.

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Mayde Wet & Wavy Bells Wave 100% Human Hair Wig

The Mayde Wet & Wavy Bells Wave 100% Human Hair Wig stands as a testament to innovative hair design, providing both versatility and a captivating natural appearance. Made entirely from human hair, this wig allows you to effortlessly switch between sleek, straight styles and gorgeous waves, offering two distinct looks in one. It’s an ideal choice for those who enjoy varying their style while maintaining high quality and comfort.

Proper care is crucial to preserve the beauty of this wig. For a straight look, brush out tangles gently, starting from the ends and moving to the weft. To maintain its wavy style, avoid brushing; use your fingers instead to detangle. Clean the wig with sulfate-free shampoo in lukewarm water, avoiding hot water to prevent damage. Condition after shampooing, rinse well, then gently squeeze out excess water with a towel, being careful not to rub or wring. Allow the wig to air dry.

For activating the curls, immerse the hair in lukewarm water and use your fingers to gently comb and define the curls. Pat it dry with a towel and let it air dry. The Mayde Wet & Wavy Bells Wave Wig is perfect for anyone looking for a dynamic, low-maintenance hairpiece that offers the versatility of multiple styles.


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