Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Sculpting Custard

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Mielle’s Sculpting Custard moisturizes and defines curls, leaving them light and bouncy. Ideal for 3A to 4C hair types.

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Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Sculpting Custard

Introducing Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Sculpting Custard, an elixir designed with the utmost care and understanding of curly hair’s unique needs. This 12oz haven of natural and organic ingredients brings together the richness of pomegranate extract, the hydrating power of honey, and a blend of citrus extracts, babassu, and coconut oil. The result? A custard that not only moisturizes but fortifies thick, curly locks.

A standout in the hair care world, this Sculpting Custard delivers a light yet luxurious definition, instantly breathing life into dry, damaged strands. Say goodbye to any sticky or greasy after-feel, and embrace defined curls that carry a weightless bounce. And for those battling persistent frizz? Experience the magic of this rejuvenating gel, designed to master even the most challenging type 3A to 4C hair.

Application is a breeze. Even on the most challenging of hair days, just apply this custard to wet hair and style as you envision. Witness transformation – from the root to the tip. Brought to you by Mielle Organics, a brand by women for women, it’s more than just a product – it’s a promise of naturally radiant hair.Pomegranate & Honey Banner

Weight14.5 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 2.75 in


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