Model Model 3X Afro Water Twist 16″

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Model Model’s 3X Afro Water Twist 16″ offers pre-fluffed, voluminous, and ultra-soft twists, ideal for effortless protective styling. Its natural curl pattern is perfect for diverse, trendy looks straight out of the package.

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Model Model 3X Afro Water Twist 16″

Unleash the full potential of your creativity with the Model Model 3X Afro Water Twist 16″. This exquisite hairpiece is a celebration of texture and volume, ready to elevate your protective styling game. Engineered for convenience, each twist is pre-prepped and pre-fluffed, inviting you to craft your desired look straight from the package.

Savor the lush volume that comes with every strand, designed to mimic the full-bodied presence of natural hair. The softness is unparalleled, ensuring not only an authentic look but also a tactile experience that’s gentle to the touch. The ease with which these twists separate allows for swift and efficient styling, cutting down the time you’d typically invest in preparing your hair.

The unique curl pattern of the Afro Water Twist is optimized for popular styles such as butterfly locs and spring twists, granting you the freedom to explore a variety of trendy looks. Whether you aim for understated elegance or a bold statement, these twists are your canvas for self-expression.


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