Model Model Dream Weaver Yaky


Explore endless style possibilities with Model Model’s Dream Weaver Yaky, a premium selection of 100% human hair, augmented by innovative moisture Remy technology, ensuring vibrancy, luxurious softness, and a lustrous shine that enchants and endures.

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Model Model Dream Weaver Yaky

Unveil your innate elegance with MODEL MODEL’s Dream Weaver Yaky, an impeccable synthesis of avant-garde style and unadulterated quality. Expertly constructed utilizing genuine human hair, the Dream Weaver Yaky is not merely a product but a tangible extension of superior craftsmanship, conveying a potent fashion statement whilst ensuring a tender, organic feel against your skin.

Featuring a 100% human hair constitution, Dream Weaver Yaky epitomizes a naturally luxurious aesthetic. Bask in the abundant luxury of its texture and revel in the extensive adaptability it proffers. With the ability to style, color, and treat it as you would your own locks, the Dream Weaver Yaky invites you to explore an infinite array of looks that authentically articulate your individual style.

What distinctly elevates the Dream Weaver Yaky is its groundbreaking moisture Remy technology, a pinnacle innovation in the realm of haircare. This unmatched method of hydration infusion revitalizes the Remy hair, amplifying its sheen, vigor, and suppleness, transcending conventional boundaries. The final manifestation is not simply hair but a radiant, lushly soft, and optimally hydrated masterpiece that is a testament to exquisite looks and feelings.


8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18"


1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33, 130, 350, 530, 613, T350, T1530, T4230, T527


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