Motown Tress KLP.ANIKA 13X5 Lace Part Wig

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Elevate your style with the Motown Tress KLP.ANIKA 13X5 Lace Part Wig. Revel in its 24-inch textured allure, heat-resistant fiber, and realistic HD lace. A statement of pure sophistication.

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Motown Tress KLP.ANIKA 13X5 Lace Part Wig

Dive into a world where style meets simplicity with the Motown Tress KLP.ANIKA 13X5 Lace Part Wig. Be captivated by its textured long straight style, gracefully cascading down to a generous 24″, presented in a rich, universal 1B color. A piece meticulously designed to be not just a style statement but a turning point in your hair journey, ensuring your look captivates and lingers in every gaze.

Constructed with High-Temperature Fiber, it not only replicates the feel of natural hair but also assures heat resistance of up to 400°F, opening up avenues for creative styling without worry. The HD 13X5 lace deep part speaks volumes about its craftsmanship, rendering an astonishingly realistic appearance and blending effortlessly with your natural hairline.

Adopt a hassle-free style routine, choosing between lace tape or lace glue for attachment, and revel in the ease of removal when you decide to let your hair down, literally and figuratively.

The key to its longevity lies in gentle hand washing, using wig-specific products to maintain its vibrant charm. Although robustly heat-resistant, remember to be gentle with heat styling, utilizing low settings on your curling irons to preserve its exquisite form.

Embrace an aura of elegance and nuanced sophistication with the Motown Tress KLP.ANIKA wig – an embodiment of both class and refined allure.


1, 1B, 1B/30, 2, 4, F4/27, TDEEPWINE/RED, T27/613


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