Motown Tress KLP.CLAIRE 13X5 Invisible Deep Lace Front Wig

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Motown Tress KLP.CLAIRE offers a realistic deep lace front wig, ideal for versatile styling and a natural appearance.

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Motown Tress KLP.CLAIRE 13X5 Invisible Deep Lace Front Wig

Motown Tress KLP.CLAIRE 13X5 Invisible Deep Lace Front Wig offers a luxurious and natural look, perfect for those seeking style and versatility. This lace front wig is meticulously designed to provide an exceptionally realistic appearance with its 13×5 inch deep lace front, allowing for a wide range of styling options.

Before wearing, prepare your own hair by pulling it back flatly, using a wig cap if desired. Ensure your skin is free from oils and makeup at the application site. For lace care, clean only the necessary areas to maintain the wig’s overall integrity. Optionally, use double-sided lace tape or lace glue at the hairline, letting the glue become tacky before applying the wig.

To remove, apply a small amount of lace glue remover, waiting for the glue to dissolve fully. Professional assistance is recommended for both attachment and removal to ensure the best outcome and avoid damage.

Handle the lace wig with care, especially the delicate lace. Avoid wearing it to bed or take precautions such as braiding the hair and using a satin cap if you do.


To restore the beauty for your Motown Tress piece, wash it by hand in the following manner.

  • Brush the piece thoroughly to remove teasing and tangles.
  • Soak the piece in cold or lukewarm water with wig shampoo. This will help to dissolve make-up, oil and dust.
  • Swish gently until the piece is fully washed. Rinse in cold or lukewarm water until all shampoo residue is gone.
  • Rinse again with wig conditioner for shine and softness.
  • Allow the piece to dry naturally by hanging it on a plastic wig stand or laying it on a towel.
  • When piece is completely dry, Start brushing by  brushing out the tips first.
  • Most curls will come back to the original shape.
  • Should you need to curl the hair it is best to a use hot curling rollers and let your hair set until rollers are cool. If you are using a  home curing iron, set it to a  low heat setting. When releasing the hair from the curling iron keep hair in coiled up form until it is cool. Never release hot hair onto bare skin as it can cause burns, always release hair onto oven mitt or other similar heat resistant pad.





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