Motown Tress KLP.JOEL 13X5 Lace Part Wig

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Embrace elegance with the 18-inch KLP.JOEL wig. Features 13X5 lace, heat resistance, and versatile styling. Designed for comfort and a flawless appearance.

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Motown Tress KLP.JOEL 13X5 Lace Part Wig

Dive into an era of unrivaled grace with the Motown Tress KLP.JOEL 13X5 Lace Part Wig. More than just a wig, the KLP.JOEL is a testament to contemporary artistry and function. Its generous 13X5 deep lace part effortlessly merges with your natural hairline, presenting an aura of authenticity.

An embodiment of expertise, this wig stands ready to accompany you through every occasion. The prowess of its High Temperature Fiber ensures it’s unyielding to heat up to 400°F. This allows for styling versatility, unshackled by the fear of damage. Further enhancing its appeal, the wig boasts a design resistant to tangles and shedding, ensuring it remains an easy companion for years.

Distinctive in its aesthetics, the KLP.JOEL flaunts a wider front and profound parting, accentuating facial features while granting a myriad of styling freedoms. The ear-to-ear lace combined with an almost invisible lace and elastic comfort band guarantees not just a visual treat but an unmatched wearing experience.

At a plush length of 18 inches, the KLP.JOEL resonates with modern allure. Be it a black-tie event or a routine workday, this wig ensures your presence is marked with poise.


1, 1B, 2, 4, 613, F2/33, F350/33, F4/27, T1B/30


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