Ms. Remi DECO Braid Bonnet Super Jumbo

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Ms. Remi DECO Braid Bonnet Super Jumbo: A harmonious blend of style and protection. Crafted for diverse hairstyles, it promises comfort, durability, and unmatched size. A new standard in hair care.

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Ms. Remi DECO Braid Bonnet Super Jumbo

Discover the perfect harmony of aesthetic allure and unmatched function with the Ms. Remi DECO Braid Bonnet Super Jumbo. This bonnet, a testament to superior craftsmanship, infuses a delicate blend of elegance, providing the ideal sanctuary for your hair. Whether you’re reclining with a book or surrendering to the world of dreams, its soft, silky embrace cocoons your hair, shielding it from potential frizz and the adversity of breakage.

A standout feature of this bonnet is its size. Boasting dimensions of 25” in length and 12” in width, it stakes its claim as the most expansive on the market. The luminous satin fabric, celebrated for its breathability, plays a dual role: enhancing hair vitality and ensuring absolute comfort throughout its tenure.

But the true magic of this bonnet lies in its intricate details. Exclusive to Annie, its design is both innovative and practical. The broad edge headband champions impeccable edge control. Meanwhile, the designers integrate the Velcro and button closures to offer adaptability to various head contours. For individuals showcasing elongated braided styles, the dual straps emerge as the unsung heroes, preserving the integrity and beauty of your hairstyle.


Chariot, Quill, Swag, Tribal


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