Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

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Experience luxe protection with Ms. Remi’s DECO Bonnet. Satin-lined elegance ensures reduced friction, while four distinct patterns cater to your style aesthetic.

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Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet Extra Large

Step into the realm of lavish care with the Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet in Extra Large. Ms. Remi creates a bonnet that embodies signature elegance and class combined with purpose. Whether you’re tucking into bed or enjoying a relaxed evening, the DECO Bonnet vigilantly ensures your hair retains its beauty and vibrancy.

Indulge in the richness of its design. Made from a sumptuous silky material, it’s the cocoon your hair didn’t know it needed. The satin lining, purposefully woven into the bonnet, offers an additional layer of protection. This shield works tirelessly, reducing friction and thereby curbing hair breakage and preventing undue moisture loss.

But it’s not just about protection. The bonnet stands out with its plush comfort, promising a snug embrace without the slight trace of discomfort, even during prolonged use. The breathable fabric ensures your scalp stays refreshed. Plus, to cater to diverse hair volumes, it’s available in both XL and Super Jumbo sizes. Fashion enthusiasts can rejoice, as the designers present it in four exquisite patterns: Chariot, Quill, Swag, and Tribal. A cherished addition to Annie’s collection.


Chariot, Quill, Swag, Tribal


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