Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet Super Jumbo

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Ms. Remi’s Super Jumbo bonnet: silky elegance meets function. Breathable design, extensive pattern range, and optimal protection. Exclusivity by Annie.

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Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet Super Jumbo

Step into a realm of elegance and superior hair care with the Ms. Remi DECO Silky Satin Bonnet in Super Jumbo size. Annie proudly presents this accessory, striking a perfect balance between luxury and practicality, ensuring your hair receives the royal treatment it truly deserves.

Boasting a plush silky lining, this bonnet provides an enveloping shield, preserving your hair’s natural vigor and sheen. No longer will environmental aggressors or nighttime friction rob your locks of their brilliance. The bonnet’s design, tailored for the ultimate comfort experience, exudes softness while ensuring maximum breathability, keeping your scalp rejuvenated.

Its Super Jumbo size is a testament to its inclusivity, gracefully accommodating even the most voluminous and intricate hairstyles. But its true essence lies in its exquisite pattern range. Choose from the regal Chariot to the delicate Quill; there’s a design narrative ready to complement your unique style. A secure fit is guaranteed, making overnight wear a dreamy affair. Exclusively available at Annie, this bonnet redefines the confluence of art, luxury, and functionality.


Chariot, Quill, Swag, Tribal


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